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Just recently; the new seventh-generation BMW 3 Series was launched, making this the 43rd year since the first BMW series was introduced into the automotive world. The 2019 M3 will soon be rolled out for all to indulge in the latest company mods, trims, and tunning that will make this M3 go faster than its predecessor.

As BMW enthusiasts and not having have had the luck to own the first generation of the E30 M3, introduced back in 1985 to 1992, we saw it fit to give this legendary car a proper write up by interviewing someone who owns one and uses it consistently.

We appreciate that the BMW E30 M3 has a massive following to date, and in recent years their values have jumped up quite significantly making it one of the most beloved vintage class cars.

Regarding that, this is the first time that we are writing about this marvel of a car we travel to Austria to check out one of these rare and valuable cars.

Our trip takes us to St. Marien near Linz in Upper Austria where we find a guy by the name Patrick Stadler who owns a BMW e30 m3.

“Difficult to say what it was, my father owned some nice old BMWs in the past, for example, a 2002tii when it was new, but now he only drives newer cars” quips Patrick when we asked him when he first fell in love with BMW cars.

Sequentially he adds that a school colleague of his had owned three E30s’ in the past when he got them for dirt cheap. He is to be credited with Patrick’s liking for the E30s and in classic cars in general.

“How Many Cars have you owned?” I ask, Patrick lets us know that he has owned a few vehicles, his first being an Audi A4 8E 1.9tdi which he still has as his daily driver for nine years.

Two years into owning the Audi he purchased the M3 that we have hunted him down to talk more about. He then lets us know that in 2016 he bought a 635csi from Spain, but he sold it off after a year of owning it.

Owning the M3
“I was searching for this e30 for about three years. I began my search a year before I even got my driving license.” After pausing to catch his breath, he proceeds to let us know that he found the car in London and immediately took a flight there to check it out.

After going back home, he thought about this car for an entire week, that was followed by him flying back to London where he purchased the vehicle in question. “I drove it home, very long and funny story because I lost my wallet on that journey.” He adds with an enigmatic smile to boot!

What Mods Have You Undertaken?
Without hesitations, Patrick assures that his, is an original m3. The only mods he’s added are carbon front splitter and DTM rear flipper.

“Before I had KW coilovers mounted but the car was still very high, so I just needed it bagged.” The only other changes made are additional yellow-tinted lights he adds concluding the statement.

More Classic Cars
We enquire whether he desires to own more vintage classified cars and he lets us know that he’s toying with the idea of getting a Mercedes-Benz 190E or an e30 Cabrio; however, he’s not sure of what he should get between the two.

Future Plans for The M3
Finding a set of perfectly fitting wheels that come with wide dishes are the immediate plans for his beloved bimmer.

Afterward, Patrick may decide to restore the car completely. “It is not as perfect as it looks on some of the photos.”

A momentary pause and he picks up again by stating; “I’m just in love with the form and shape, but also the pure nature of the car.” He assures us that he has come to learn that the e30 m3 has everything one needs and nothing you don’t.

“Every time, a pleasure to drive it. Only once let me down with a thermostat failure, but otherwise very reliable.”

Purchasing the E30 M3
Patrick browsed the internet and landed on a random website. Despite the worst quality pictures of the car in history, he put forth an offer and flew all the way to London, England to purchase it.

From the first time he lay his eyes on the car he fell in love, and a week later he drove it home, a story he is still pleased to share with his friends and us even today, years later! And with this statement, we conclude the interview and proceed to check out the legendary car.

Our Take
It’s evident that Patrick like every other BMW e30 m3 owner adores his car. Moreover, the spike in prices upwards to five figures over the last few years tells us that this vintage car has a massive following, that loves it for its mechanical ability and sheer practicality something not witnessed with today’s modern m3s’!

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